Baby's First Year Gift Set


Baby’s First Year Gift Set


Give a gift designed to kindle peaceful parenting

Support parents during the first crucial year in their baby’s life

Stay connected during this important time by sending a specially prepared letter each month

Help parents introduce character traits to their babies from birth

Each gift package contains:
  • A series of 13 letters in individual envelopes.The family opens a letter each month during babies’ first year
  • An information folder for the giver of the gift, including postage reminder and letter seals
  • Baby’s Prayer Book
  • Virtues Affirmation Cards
  • The Sound of Virtues CD
  • Tools for Fathering [disc one]
  • First birthday card, ready for delivery at the end of the program





Offer support to families during the first year of their baby’s life

Designed lovingly for families with a new (or soon to be born) baby

This gift set offers emotional and spiritual support to families

The bundle is elegantly designed and draws upon virtues and character development.

Embrace Virtues is non-denominational and inclusive of many religions – east and west.

What our customers are saying:

“Embrace Virtues  has given me a stable focus point each day and helped me be mindful of my values and virtues. They are gentle, yet powerful, and easy to integrate into daily life (e.g. nappy change, play time, bed time). I am not only using Embrace Virtues for our baby, but also for myself and for my own spiritual growth.  I wish my parents had used the virtues with me as a child.” Sally – Bendigo, Australia

“Preparing for, and having a baby is the most special and sacred time. Thank you Embrace Virtues  – for the perfect beginning to our child’s spiritual life.” Inge – Sweden

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 7 cm


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